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Mrs. Jonie Gerspacher


Mrs. Gerspacher is a lover of many things-coffee, choooocoooolaaaaate and most importantly teaching and learning with her students and families! She has accrued over 30 years of experience, mostly in the primary end of the school with some work in administration and divisional leadership over the years.  This year she will be teaching Junior Kinder and Kindergarten as well as helping students and families in her role as the Learning Support Teacher for the school.  She also works with Mr. Graham as assistant principal, helping to run and manage a wonderful school of very special people! When Mrs. Gerspacher is not busy with school, you can find her weeding in her summer U-Pick and meeting lots of wonderful people and sharing great gardening stories and recipes. Her two children have moved on in their lives so she and Mr. Gerspacher are waiting very patiently for the grandchildren to come along so she can love them up too!

Jonie Gerspacher

Junior Kinder and ECS Teacher

Assistant Principal

Learning Support Teacher