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Ms. Erin Paterson

BEST Success Coach

I am excited to be the BEST coach in Wildwood school. Other than Wildwood I am also the BEST coach at Grand Trunk High, Evansview, Niton Central and Fulham schools, so you will only see me in the halls of Wildwood on Tuesday’s. 

BEST is one of Alberta’s Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) In-School Initiatives. MHCB is based on the belief that mental and emotional wellbeing can be developed, nurtured and supported through promotion and prevention efforts. I will be teaching programs such as Zones of Regulation, Second Step and a variety of others to all the various classes. 


I was raised in Airdrie Alberta where I grew up figure skating competitively. I attended the University of Calgary completing a degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. Two years ago I moved to the Edson area and this past summer my partner and I moved onto an acreage just outside of Edson. Growing our family by 1 puppy named Theodore and 3 barn kittens named Stormy, Smokey and Bandit. We love to be outdoors quadding, sledding, fishing, hiking, snowboarding etc. 


This will be my first full year with GYPSD, so if you see me around feel free to stop me and say hi. I am so excited to provide classroom support to all teachers and students in each of these communities where we can grow and learn together. 


Erin Paterson, BCR


BEST Success Coach